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TITLE: Dr HCH Koch, BSc Dip Clin Psych


Ground Floor South Wing, Festival House, Jessop Avenue, Cheltenham, GL50 3SH
and The Cheltenham & Gloucester  Hospital, Hatherley Lane, Cheltenham

Telephone:  01242 263715   Fax:  01242 528299

NAME:                                     Dr HCH Koch, BSc Dip Clin Psych PhD
DATE OF BIRTH:                  14 March 1951
BSc Hons in Psychology                                                        1973                        Bristol University
Diploma in Clinical Psychology                                            1976                        London
PhD in Clinical Psychology                                                   1981                        Leicester University
Chartered Psychologist Registration                                      1989
Registered Psychologist (HPC)                                              2010
Fellow of British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology; Law Society Directory of Expert Witnesses; And Fellow of the Institute of Expert Witnesses;  British Association of  Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists; BPS-DCP Faculty of the BPS for Children & Young People; Association of Child Abuse Lawyers
Visting Professor to Stockholm University, School of Law
Certificate in CPR for experts (Bond Solon)  - February 2011.
Medico-Legal Report Writing (Core Skills) – October 2013
Hugh Koch Associates                                                                                                                                           Sept. 1990 to present
Cheltenham & District H.A.     Unit General Manager                (Acute)                                                                April 1989 to Sept. 1990
Somerset Health Authority      Unit General Manager                                                                                            June 1986 to March 1988
North East Essex H.A.            Top Grade Psychologist            (Head of Adult Mental Health)                             Nov 1984 to May 1986
North East Essex H.A.            Principal Psychologist                                                                                            March 1984 to Oct. 1984
South GlamorganH.A.           Senior Psychologist                     Oct. 1978 to Feb. 1984
Leicestershire H.A.                 Basic Grade Psychologist           Oct. 1976 to Sept. 1978
Leicestershire H.A.                 Probationer Psychologist            Oct. 1973 to Sept. 1976

Dr Koch’s recent publications include:-
Koch HCH, Willows J (2016) Legal Mind Case and Commentary No. 9 PIBULJ August 2016
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Koch HCH (2001) Current Medical-Legal Issues in Personal Injury Litigation. Informa Publications. London.

Typical areas of Involvement:-

1)             Personal Injury (Adults and Children): PTSD; Child Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse; Anxiety Disorders; Road Accident; Work Accident; employment Stress; Psychological Aspects of Medical Negligence; Chronic Pain; Reliability of Witness.
2)             Criminal Injuries Compensation (Adults and Children including child abuse)
3)             Assessment and treatment of child and adolescent accident trauma and anxiety and the effects of child abuse
He provides reports for both Claimant (70%) and Defendant lawyers and insurers (30%), and since April 1999, single joint instructions.  Clients are typically seen within 4 - 6 weeks of instruction. He also has experience providing medico-legal evidence outside the UK.
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Cheltenham and London.

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