Dr Karen Shannon - BSc  D.Clin.Psych  Clinical Psychologist
Dr Karen Shannon
Hugh Koch Associates, Ground Floor, Festival House, Jessop Avenue, Cheltenham
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TITLE: BSc D.Clin.Psych Clinical Psychologist

Dr Karen Shannon

Ground Floor South Wing, Festival House, Jessop Avenue, Cheltenham, GL50 3SH
Telephone: 01242 263 715       Fax: 01242 528 299
NAME: Dr Karen Shannon -  BSc  D.Clin.Psych  Clinical Psychologist
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology - University of Liverpool (1999)
BA (Hons) Psychology & Computer Studies 2i - University of Liverpool (1993)
  Postgrad. Diploma in Forensic Behavioural Science - University of Liverpool (1995)
  Postgrad, Diploma in Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) - ACAT (2002)
Independent Practice
CPD Liaison Officer for CATALYSE (formerly ACAT North)                                  Oct 2013- Present
Director - Empowering to Protect (CIC)                                                                        Nov 2012- Present
Dr Karen Shannon Ltd                                                                                                    Sep 2001 - Present
Co-founder, Director and Co-Trainer of Forensic Cognitive
Analytic Therapy (CAT).                                                                                               Apr 2009 – Present
Member of the CATALYSE (formerly ACAT North)                                                 July 2011 - Present
Project LEAD Group and Catalyse projects Forum
Guild Lodge Secure Services, Preston, Lancashire                                                     Feb 2008 - Oct 2011
Honorary lecturer and supervisor for Post Graduate Cognitive                               Sep 2011 – Present
Analytic Therapy (CAT) two year course, CATALYSE
Honorary Lecturer on Doctorate Clinical Psychology course,                                   Sep 2000 - Present
Universityof Liverpool
Honorary Lecturer on Doctorate Clinical Psychology course,                                  Sep 2009 - Oct 2011
Universityof Manchester
Specialist Supervisor - provision of specialist placements in                                    Sep 2000 – Feb 2011
Forensic Psychology for Doctorate Clinical Psychology Trainee
placement from Universities of Liverpool, Manchester, and
Member of Board of Trainee Placements, Liverpool University                              Sep 2004 - Feb 2008
Mersey Forensic Psychology Service, Liverpool                                                         Sep 1999 - Feb 2008
Universityof Liverpool, School of Clinical Psychology                                              Sep 1996 - Sep 1999   
AshworthSpecial Hospital, Mersey Care NHS Trust, Liverpool                           5 Oct 1998 - Sep 1999
Probation Service, Adelaide House                                                                      1 Nov 1993 - 1 May 1995
  1. Personal Injury (Adults and Children); PTSD; Anxiety Disorders; Depression; Road Accident; Effects of Automatism in Traffic Situations; Work Accident; Housing Stress; Chronic Pain; Reliability of Witness
  2. Employment Cases
Registered Clinical Psychologist- Health Professionals Council
Associate Fellow & Chartered Psychologist British Psychological Society
Member of the Family Justice (FJC) Council Reference group (FJC & BPS)
Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (ACAT)
Member of Faculty of Forensic Clinical Psychology (FFCP, BPS)

Koch HCH, Shannon K and Boyd T (2015) Post-Traumatic Embitterment: A future ‘disorder’?. PIBULJ, December.
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Innovative Service for Women Non-Offending Partners (NOPs) of Male Sexual Offenders.
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Pollock, P., & Shannon, K. (2013). Keynote Address. Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) in
Forensic Practice: Reformulation of the Capacity to Harm. 20th Annual ACAT National
Conference CAT and Ethical Practice: Maintaining our Professionalism and Humanity.
Reading, Berkshire.
Shannon, K., Pearce, E. & Swarbrick, R. (2012). Factors Influencing the Development of an
Innovative Service for Women Non-Offending Partners (NOPs) of Male Sexual Offenders.
Journal of Sexual Aggression. October 2012, pp1-12, iFirst article.
Shannon, K., & Swarbrick, R. (2010). A Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) Framework for Bipolar
Disorder. Reformulation. June.
Shannon, K., Spence, C. and Jellicoe-Jones, L. (2009).Evaluation of Lancashire & Cumbria
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Shannon, K. (2009). Using What We Know: Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) Contribution to
Risk Assessment. Reformulation. December.
Shannon, K., Spence, C. and Shaw, J. (2009). Sharing practice and providing Multi Disciplinary
Forensic Consultation: An evaluation of an innovative service developed to support adult
services to assess and manage service users who pose a risk to others in the Community.
Shannon, K. & Swarbrick, R. (2009). Cognitive Analytic Therapy & Bipolar Disorder.
International CAT Conference, June 2009. University of Bath. UK.
Shannon, K. & Jellicoe-Jones, L. (2009). Community Forensic Psychology Services Service Bid:
Investment to Save. Unpublished.
Shannon, K. & Spence, C. (2009) Community Forensic Psychology Service (CFPS) Evaluation of
Service Provision 2005-2009. Unpublished.
Shannon, K. & Swarbrick, R. (2009). Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Bipolar, Offending Behaviour
and Risk. Division of Forensic Psychology Conference, UCLAN.

Dr Karen Sharron provides reports for both Claimant and Defendant lawyers and insurers including joint instructions.
Clients are typically seen within 4-6 weeks of instruction.
For more information please visit www.hughkochassociates.co.uk


Formby, Manchester and Stockport.

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