Dr Annette Farrant - BA. (Hons) DClinPsy PhD QiCN
Dr Annette Farrant
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TITLE: BA. (Hons) DClinPsy PhD QiCN

Dr Annette Farrant
Ground Floor South Wing, Festival House, Jessop Avenue, Cheltenham, GL50 3SH
Telephone: 01242 263 715       Fax: 01242 528 299
NAME: Dr Annette Farrant   BA. (Hons) DClinPsy PhD QiCN  
Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology – BPS - 2013
Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology – University of Nottingham (2011)
Doctorate in clinical psychology - King's College London. (2003)
PhD in Metamemory in autism – University of Sheffield (1997)
BA (Hons) Psychology (1st) – Open University (1991)
December 2011 – present: Clinical Neuropsychologist, Lead for Neuropsychology Bristol, Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust
September 2009-September 2011: Clinical Psychologist in Stroke at Royal Derby Hospital
May 2008-April 2009: Locum Clinical Psychologist in Neuropsychology at Charing Cross       Hospital
Aug 2005-May 2008:   Clinical Psychologist in Cambridge Psychiatric Rehabilitation Service
Jan 2004-July 2005:    Clinical Psychologist in Neuropsychology, Addenbrookes Hospital, 
Oct 2000-Oct 2003:          Trainee, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry
Six-month placements at Lambeth South East Community Mental Health Team; Child and Adolescent Dept., Maudsley Hospital; Brownhill Road Community Learning Disabilities Team; Regional Neuroscience centre, King’s College Hospital; Lishman Unit (Neuropsychiatry), Maudsley Hospital; Older Adults Psychology Service including Memory and Neuropsychiatry Clinic, St Thomas’ Hospital.
0ct 1999- Sept 2000:        Research Associate, Aetiology and Ethnicity in Schizophrenia and other Psychoses, Dept. of Psychiatry, School of Community and Health Sciences, University of Nottingham
Dec1998-Oct 1999:           Psychology Assistant in Neuropsychology at the Royal Hallamshire        Hospital, Sheffield.
Sept 1998-Dec1999:        Research Assistant, University of Sheffield
Spoken language teaching project
May1998-Aug1998:         Research Assistant, University of Sheffield
Pre-school screening for developmental language disorder
1997-1998                            Research Assistant (sessional), University of Sheffield/University of Liverpool:  MRI study of Adults with Asperger syndrome
1991-1999:                          School Co-Ordinator for residential schools on the Open University MBA
1994-1999:                          Tutor on Introduction to Psychology - Open University
1992- 1999:                         Tutor-Counsellor on Social Science Foundation course - Open University                                                                                  
Farrant, A., Blades, M., & Boucher, J. (1998). Source monitoring by children with autism.     Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 28, 43-50.
Farrant, A., Boucher, J. and Blades, M. (1999). Metamemory in children with autism. Child Development, 70, 107-131
Farrant, A., Boucher, J. and Blades, M. (1999). Recall readiness in children with autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 29, 359-366.
Farrant, A., Morris, R.G. et al. (2005). Social cognition in frontal lobe epilepsy. Epilepsy and Behavior, 7, 506-516.
Howard, M.A., Cowell, P.E., Boucher, J., Broks, P., Mayes, A., Farrant, A., Roberts, N. (2000). Convergent neuroanatomical and behavioural evidence of an amygdala hypothesis of autism. Neuroreport, 11, 2931-293.
Mullatti, N. Farrant, A., Selway, R., Elwes, R., Nashef, L., Morris, R. (2002). The neuropsychological evaluation of adults with hypothalamic hamartoma and mild epilepsy.Epilepsia, 43Suppl. 7 :174.
Boucher, Jill; Cowell, Patricia; Howard, Matthew; Broks, Paul; Farrant, Annette; Roberts, Neil; Mayes, Andrew. (2005). A combined clinical, neuropsychological, and neuroanatomical study of adults with high functioning autism. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 10, 165-213.
Lappin JM, Morgan KD, Morgan C, Dazzan P, Reichenberg A, Zanelli JW, Fearon P, Jones PB, Lloyd T, Tarrant J, Farrant A, Leff J, Murray RM (2007). Duration of untreated psychosis and neuropsychological function in first episode psychosis. Schizophr Res. 2007 Sep;95(1-3):103-10.
1)      Personal Injury (Adults and Children); PTSD; Anxiety Disorders; Depression; Road Accident; Effects of Automatism in Traffic Situations; Work Accident; Housing Stress; Chronic Pain; Reliability of Witness
2)      Employment Cases
3)      Neuropsychology
Registered Clinical Psychologist- Health CARE Professionals Council (HCPC)
Chartered Psychologist British Psychological Society
Dr Annette Farrant provides reports for both Claimant and Defendant lawyers and insurers including joint instructions.
Clients are typically seen within 4-6 weeks of instruction.
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Bristol and Cheltenham.

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