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Post Traumatic Growth following Road Traffic Accidents Personal Injury Hugh Koch, Rachael Tanner & Rhiain Morris
‘Sitting Duck’ phenomenon: the cumulative effects of accidents: Medico-legal and clinical implications Personal Injury Dr Hugh Koch, Dr Rhiain Morris and Dr Alice Knight
“I want my mummy” - Seperation anxiety following a road traffic accident Personal Injury Kim Whitaker and Kathryn Newns
Forget the gym, smiling is what your body needs. PIBULJ June 2010 Personal Injury Koch HCH & Knight A
The use and abuse of Psychometric Tests in medico-Legal context. PIBULJ August 2010 Personal Injury Koch HCH & Skinner A
'When does a shocking accident' lead to PTSD MASS Newsletter Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (1996)
'Telling the truth or not - that is the question' MASS Newsletter, Summer Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (1997)
'Travel nerves can drive you......!' Diagnosing and treating Post RTA anxiety APIL Vol. 8, 1, 21-23 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (1997)
'DSM and personal injury' Solicitors Journal 12.12.97 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (1997)
'The Truth Will Out But How' MASS Newsletter, Summer, 14-17 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (1998)
Somnambulism. APIL. 9,3,1999. RV Turner Personal Injury Koch HCH
Advise or Treat: should experts recommend therapy. Mobile Doctors Newsletter 1999 Personal Injury Koch HCH
Accidents: A master of the mind. Motoring News, 5.1.2000 Personal Injury Koch HCH
Current Medical-Legal issues in Personal Injury Litigation. Informa Publications.London. Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (2001)
Helplessness. PMILL Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (2001)
Undetected Psychological Distress. Mobile Doctors Newsletter. 1, 8, 6-7 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (2002)
All in the mind. Solicitors Journal, Personal Injury Supp Vol 146 No 37 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H & Kevan T (2002)
What's the Damage: Quantifying a Psychological Injury. Solicitors Journal: Expert Witness Supplement. Summer, 12-15. Personal Injury Koch H.C.H, Kevan T & McCarron J (2004)
Psychological Treatment Issues during Compensation Claims Personal Injury Dr Karen Addy and Dr Kathy Peace
GP records and the Medico-Legal Process. PI Compensation, August, 10-12 Personal Injury Koch H.c.H & Mackinnon J.M (2004)
Road to Recovery. Solutions Journal Expert (Expert Witness Supplement) Summer 2004 Personal Injury Bird D
Assessing the damage. Legal and Medical, 19, 2005 Personal Injury Peace K, Bracey R
Adjusting to Road Traffic Accidents. APIL, September, 11, 13. 2005 Personal Injury Hetherton J, Elson P, Koch HCH
Psychological Injuries - XPL Press St.Albans Personal Injury Koch H.C.H & Kevan T (2006)
Road Accident Stress in Couples - PIBULJ, 2005 Personal Injury Hetherton J, Elson P, Koch HCH
Driving Away Anxiety 17, Legal & Medical 18 May Personal Injury Koch H.C.H, Bracey R & Reay K (2006)
Strong Mind: What is a Robust psychological Opinion. Solicitors Journal, 12-14, 31.03.06 Personal Injury Bird D, Koch H.C.H (2006)
Perfect Attendance: Decision Making Model for assessing the significance of GP attendance records - Legal - Medical 16-17 January Personal Injury Koch H.C.H, Lillie F.J & Kevan T. (2006)
Understanding Ongoing Pain. Legal & Medical 13 Personal Injury Koch HCH & Mackinnon J M (2006)
The Primary port of call for the anxious patient. Legal & Medical - 11 Personal Injury Lillie F & Koch H.C.H (2005) GP's
Employment & Injury. Legal & Medical - 13 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H & Bracey R (2006)
Litigation Stress Solicitors Journal 08.09.06 Personal Injury Elson P, Bracey R & Koch H.C.H (2006)
How I get a high quality service from your expert. APIL. PI Focus, February 2007 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H, Elson P & Bracey R (2006)
How Can We Identify or Predict Which Trauma Victims Will develop Psychological Problems? PIBULJ Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (2006)
All in the Mind: The dilemma's in assessing Key Medico-Legal questions concerning Psychological Injuries - Legal and Medical, 27 November, 25 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H, Hetherton J P & Elliott V (2007)
Train Trauma. Legal & Medical, 23, April 15 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H. (2007)
Relationship Collision. Legal & Medical, 23 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H, Elson P, Hetherton J (2007)
Taking the pain? Legal & Medical 26, September 2007 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (2007)
Demotivation, Legal & Medical, 29 March 2008 Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (2007)
Using Computerized CBT for claimants with Depression: Review of recent Article by Whitfield et al (2006) PIBULJ Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (2007)
Psychological Diagnosis: Can It be Made Easier? PIBULJ Personal Injury Koch H.C.H (2007)
Physical Illness and Psychiatric Morbidity: Recent UK study (Cooke et al 2007) Personal Injury Dr Hugh Koch
Stress-free zone. Legal & Medical Magazine February 2009 Personal Injury Koch HCH
Active Steps to combating stress: Legal Relaxation. APIL February 2009 Personal Injury Koch HCH & Koch J
Litigation Stress. PIBULJ August 2009 Personal Injury Koch HCH & Elson P
Stigma and the Military: Evaluation of a PTSD Psychoeducational Program (Gould, Greenberg and Hetherton 2007) Personal Injury Koch HCH, Hetherton J, Yates K
Can Stress be Dealt with Expertly? The Expert Witness Institute Summer 2009 Vol. 13 Personal Injury Dr Hugh Koch
'Getting Back on the Horse isn't always easy' - Travel Nerves and How best to Intervene. December 2009 Personal Injury Paul Elson and Karen Addy
Medico-Legal Issues in differentiating between Accident and Non - Accident Factors in Pre-School Road Accident Victims. October 2009 Personal Injury KIM WHITAKER & KATHRYN NEWNS
Stress Management tips from Truro. The Ramsay Newsletter. October 2009 Personal Injury Dr Hugh Koch
Responding to the Psychological Needs of People following a Traumatic Event. PIBULJ December 2009 Personal Injury Newns K
Medical Negligence - Psychological Perspectives on Why People Pursue Litigation Personal Injury Dr Karen Addy
Lack of post-accident GP attendance: a poor indicator of psychological symptom severity in adults Personal Injury Dr Jacquie Hetherton
Detecting deception: Is it the feeling or the words or just chance? Personal Injury Dr Hugh Koch, Dr Ben Goodall and Dr Jon Willows


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