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Evaluation of Behaviour Therapy intervention in General Practice. J.R.C.G.P. June, 29, 337-340 Psychological Therapy Koch HCH (1979)
Changes in Personal construing in three Psychotherapy groups Psychological Therapy Koch HCH (1983)
Correlates of change in Personal construing of members of...... Psychological Therapy Koch HCH (1983)
La Therapie de Group Multi-Modale de Courte Duree. Perspectives Psychiatriques, 111, 97, 261-265 Psychological Therapy Koch HCH (1984)
Is this claimant ready for therapy? PIBULJ July 2010 Psychological Therapy Koch HCH & Knight A
“I don’t remember things like I used to” - The role of neuropsychological assessment in determining post-trauma cognitive impairment. Psychological Therapy Dr Kathryn Peace and Dr Diana Pidwell
Complex trauma Psychological Therapy David Bird, Hugh Koch and Angela Cooper
Distinguishing Post Concussion Disorder from Depression Psychological Therapy Dr Kathy Peace, Dr Karen Addy, Dr Diana Pidwell, Dr Louise Payne


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