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The experience, evidence, and opinion on pain Chronic Pain Dr Hugh Koch & Miss Nicole Hampton
'Taking pain seriously' APIL Vol. 7 Issue 1, 16-18 Chronic Pain Koch H.C.H and Mackinnon JMM (1997)
Chronic Pain - Doves V. Bishop. PMILL Chronic Pain Koch H.C.H (2000)
Medical Legal Debate on Pain Behaviour APIL, 11, 2, 10-13 Chronic Pain Koch H.C.H, Mackinnon JMM and Bayliss RJH (2001)
Orthopaedic and Psychological Trauma following Collisions: Parkinson V Shadbolt (Chichester County Court, 4th March 2004. PMILL June 20, 5, 7-8) Chronic Pain Koch H.C.H (2004)
Understanding ongoing pain. Legal and Medical, 25 August,13 Chronic Pain Koch H.C.H & Mackinnon J M (2007)
Expert Corner. Legal & Medical Magazine 11th July 2007 Chronic Pain Koch HCH
How People Talk about their Chronic Low Back Pain. PIBULJ December 2009 Chronic Pain Newns K
CBT for Chronic Neuropathic Pain Chronic Pain Dr Kathryn Newns, Ben Goodall & Frank Beesley


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