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Detecting Malingered Memory Problems. PIBULJ February 2010 General Koch HCH and Tizzard C
Do you think too much about smoking? General Dr Hugh Koch
Survivors of Repeated Traumas General By David Bird, Hugh Koch and Angela Cooper
How do you operate? Interview with Paul Elson General Paul Elson
TQM in Health Care. Longmans, London General Koch H.C.H (1991)
The Road to Recovery, Active Steps to Relaxed Travel (Multi-Media CBT) General Hugh Koch
Total Quality Management in Healthcare, Longmans General Koch H.C.H (1991)
Just Relax and......: some active steps to reducing your stress. General Hugh and James Koch
DSM-5 Next Step General Kathryn Newns, Tracy Thorns & Hugh Koch
Scotland on Sunday Article 1. Stress and Anxiety. March 2010 General Written by Dr Hugh Koch for the Scotland on Sunday
Scotland on Sunday Article 2. Why do I have problems sleeping sometimes. May 2010 General Written by Dr Hugh Koch for the Scotland on Sunday
Dr. Hugh Koch on active steps to finding that General Scotland on Sunday Article No. 3 (8.7.10)
Towards Total Quality in Surgery, Theatres and Anaesthetics Longmans General Koch H.C.H (1994)
The challenge of Private Practice - Staying calm and positive day-to-day. Mond your Business Magazine July 2010 General Koch HCH
Scotland on Sunday Article 4. Smoking August 2010 General Written by Hugh Koch
A Comparison of DSM IV and ICD 10 Diagnosis for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PIBULJ September 2010 General Dr Kim Whitaker
Even a minor head injury may have long-term consequences General Peace K, Addy K, & Payne L
How to stop your legal mind wandering General Koch HCH October 2010
Even a minor head injury may have long-term consequences. General Dr Kathryn Peace and Dr Karen Addy
Learned Helplessness and Depression – The Role of Attribution and Perceived Control in Post Accident Mental Health Issues General Dr Karen Addy
Anxiety and PTSD in Cardiac patients General Dr Hugh Koch & Dr Alice Knight
Vulnerability To PTSD General Dr Kim Whitaker
Survivors of repeated traumas General David Bird, Hugh Koch and Angela Cooper
Psychological Consequences. MASS Newsletter September Edition General Koch HCH, Peace K (2005)
Getting Personal: Interview with barrister Tim Kevan, Legal & Medical 27 November, 30 General Koch E.J. (2007)
Psychological well-being and quality of life in women with potential or suspected Hepatitis C Virus Infection. Implications for Psychological Assessment in Medical Negligence Hospital accidents. PIBULJ General Koch H.C.H (2008)
Physical Illness and Psychiatric Morbidity: Recent UK study (Cooke etal, 2007) PIBULJ May 2008 General Koch HCH (2008)
The Injured Psyche. Legal and Medical June 2008 General Koch HCH, Elson P & Newns K (2008)
Grief or psychiatric injury? Legal and Medical July 2008 General Koch HCH (2008)
Post-disaster Physical Symptoms (Slottja et al 2008) PIBULJ August 2008 General Newns KVJ & Koch HCH
How to manage stress during litigation. Personal Injury Brief Update Law Journal (PIBULJ) General Koch H, Elson P (2008)
Active Steps to Reducing Stress: Mindfulness General Koch H (2009)
A Summary of the NICE Guidelines for PTSD, PIBULJ April 2009 General Newns K, Peace K
"Do we all make mistakes?", PIBULJ May 2009 General Koch H, Addy K
It helps to be happy at work! PIBULJ June 2009 General Koch HCH
Depressed or 'fed up' - The range of opinion and the role of 'learned helplessness' October 2009 General Hetherton J & Bird D
Relieving Stress in Bristol: Drinking versus Stress Management. PIBULJ November 2009 General Koch HCH
Safety 'Net' for emotional problems. PIBULJ November 2009 General Koch HCH
Can you tell I'm honest? General Hughes T & Koch HCH
Assessment of Cognitive Impairment Following Road Traffic Accidents General Dr Karen Addy
The Benefits of Earlier Interventions For Children in Road Traffic Accidents: Less cost, faster recovery and quicker claim settlement General Dr Tracy King
Testing the reliability and validity of evidence General Dr Hugh Koch, Dr Jon Willows, Dr Neil Holden


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